Here are a few comments from our customers

“I’ve been using the wash and skin cream for 1 week and I can definitely see a difference in the spots on my face, what a wonderful surprise.”

“I am so thrilled with the instant results on my face, that I will continue to use your products and am looking forward to having a “spot free” face again.”

“Thanks again for the time you spent with me at the Orlando Home Show. Never did I expect to purchase more items for my face, but I’m thrilled that I did.”

I“I have been using GoodOnYa for about a year now after getting it at the home show in Sandy, Utah.”

“My skin used to get very dry due to neuropathy, and GoodOnYa is the only thing that has helped me!”

“My sister Barrie and I purchased the amazing cream at the Lynden Country Fair.

I wish you had taken a picture of my inflamed hands because by the next day all the inflammation was gone and I continued to use the cream daily and my hands are almost completely healed. This would normally have taken weeks! Thank you.

I would be happy to give a testimony for this amazing product.”

Thank You!
Gerildine Smith

Gerildine SmithThank You!

“My daughter has to have GoodOnYa Shampoo and Conditioner for her hair. She is on infusions for arthritis as well as oral medications and this shampoo is the only thing that keeps her hair healthy!”

CindyKeeps her hair healthy!

“I used the Skin Treat Cream on my eye lids and around my eyes to see how it would affect my wrinkles. After a few days, I happened to be driving and I suddenly realized that my vision had changed. I had a slight cloudiness in my vision and a bit of a puffy feeling that was no longer there. I wish I had gone to the eye doctor already so I could document the difference however, I definitely noticed the change which is just awesome! Thanks Justin Moore for introducing this product to me!”

Jeannie Blakley

“I bought this back in September of 2011 for my husband who has bad eczema. He never used it so it sat in a drawer until January 2012. I developed contact dermatitis in August 2011 and I used everything under the sun to try and stop the itching then I remembered this cream sitting in a drawer. I started using it and it is so AWSOME!!!!! The only thing that has worked!!!!!!”


“I LOVE the face and body wash!!! It removes makeup faster and easier than any other product I have used, even eye makeup. My coworkers have even noticed a difference in my skin! It leaves my face so soft and not oily at all and I have very oily skin. I will definitely recommend this to my friends. I am so excited to try the scrub.”


“I attended a home & garden show on 8/5/11 in Glendale, AZ, and stopped to listen to Willow talk about your skin treatment product. I was especially interested when she mentioned eczema as both my children (now adults) have had issues with eczema since they were very young. I bought some of the skin cream and gave it to my son to try. He called me 3 days later and asked “What is in this stuff?!?!?!”. He was very excited with the improvement in his skin within such a short period of time. I can’t wait until my daughter tries it too! Thank you!!!”

Ann Marie C.

“It’s great stuff for my rosacea!”

Mark J. Harding

“I bought the product a year ago at the Flower Show in Boston for my son who has psoriasis. It’s the only thing that has ever worked for him, and it has changed his life! He is all out of what I bought for him, can’t afford it himself and its what he asked me to get for him for Christmas.”

Pam Coleman

“I’m one of your customers from the Kansas City Home Show. So glad that we stopped at your display long enough for you to show me Good On Ya. Just love it! (I think the deep wrinkles on my upper lip are visibly lessening, in less than a month!!! Pretty soon, people will begin to think I’m prematurely grey. Ha!)”

Cheryl BelcherJust love it!

“The left arm of my 5 year old daughter Jaida, Eczema started invading her body not too long after she turned 4 years old. This is just one area that she typically has an eczema rash. She sometimes has it on her legs, hands, and face. The eczema has caused her much embarrassment especially during the summer time when she wears short sleeves. I have tried everything holistic to help get rid of it, and I have only been able to slightly control it. Then one day Good On Ya came into our life!! I started applying it several times a day immediately and as you can see by looking at the pictures this stuff has been amazing!! I put the Manuka Honey directly on her irritated area and let it sit for 20-30 min, then wash with the acid wash, then apply the cream. It usually takes a bout a week for it to disappear but it starts disappearing quite noticeably by the next day! This is OUR ritual every time she has an eczema rash and we are sticking to it! Jaida and I sing a little song every time I put it on her!! We love the products and love the results! Thank you so much for helping us ALL heal!”

Tamara SavoieThank you so much for helping us ALL heal!

“I love the eye serum kept my puffy eyes perfect…thanks for the product.”

Marla Westrup

“I have NEVER gone online to give a product review but am SO impressed with the skin treat cream I just had to!
Bought it Saturday at the Alive Expo in Atlanta. I have long been into natural products and healthy diet and never use harsh things on my skin (only used products like Aubrey, Aveda, Burt’s Bees and Avalon), so I knew my issues probably were not caused by that (even though the sales girl would not listen) but when I read the ingredients I knew that product was something special as I am an avid label reader and researcher. I know the effect of excellent ingredients is greatly magnified when combined together and everything I had ever read positive results on was in that jar! So I got an excellent deal on a few items and began using the cream on my hands which have aged badly with extreme creepy-ness and the skin just looked awful like dinosaur hide. Gave one to my 27 yr. old daughter also who has bleeding ragged torn up cuticles.”

Oh my goodness, after one day I thought it MUST be too good to be true! Literally after 2 applications the poor skin texture had vanished and they looked 15 years younger. I wish I had a before photo to prove it! They are soft and smooth and no longer appear like cracked dried out mud! I will be using it on my face now, even though at 51 I have good skin with little wrinkling except on my forehead. Hoping it fixes that! (not sure why my hands aged so badly!)

I talked to my daughter and she said her cuticles healed and are back to normal and her rough hard cracked heels have also had an amazing transformation.
This is Monday morning- we just bought the stuff Saturday afternoon!

I think you have invented the fountain of youth! I’m going to call it my Jar O’Life.

I am a believer in your formula and wondering if I can sell your products…..I LOVE it- praying for your companies long term success, I never want to be without this stuff

Excuse my gushiness, I have just never found anything that really worked!”



“I have purchased tubs of the skin treat cream at the Yankee DentalConvention in the past and the price was 4 tubs for $120. Is there anyway to get that deal online? I love your cream and it has helped me so much during my pregnancy, cleared my acne up and helped my belly stretch with no issues!” Thank you – Krista

Krista Gordon

“I’ve been a saddle maker for 40 years and have suffered with chronic dry skin….cracking and bleeding the whole time. Was introduced to your product at the Equine Affair in Sacramento, Ca. in 2012. I cannot even recall my hands ever looking like this (they look NORMAL). I think no one ever analyzed the importance of PH correctness for the skin
before. Good On Ya!!! I shall be placing an order for more product right now!”

Loren Skyhorse

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